Ganavan Sands


Scotland also has beautiful coastlines as opposed to greenery and glens, one of my favourite beaches I have come across in my travels is Ganavan Sands which is a beach located a ten minute drive from Oban town. It has golden white sand and beautiful blue water, and if the perfect place to relax on a hot summers day. or if you are feeling energetic you could burn off some energy by following the tarmac path to Dunbeg. The beach itself is roughly a few hundred meters long, there are also beautiful houses which have a remarkable view from their door step but they do not disrupt the beauty of the area. across the sea are views of Mull and Lismore. There is also a small play park which is positioned near by the car park which makes this a perfect area for a family day out. It is possible to walk to the beautiful hidden gem from Oban by following a road which is roughly 2 miles long, if not there is a bus service which runs to and from the beach.

There are many other amazing beaches which even top Ganavan, I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting them yet. Some which I have looked into and are on my prerogative to visit: Tiree (isleoftiree) is renowned in Scotland for its stunning white beaches and  choppy waters which are perfect for surfing. Also Achmelvich Bay which is located on the rural west coast offers a large expanse of white scads which is sheltered by granite outcrops.

I hope my blog has lead some inspiration into your life.We should not take for granted what is on offer in out beautiful country. This has just been a little insight into what Scotland has to offer both physically and mentally. it is easy to get lost in our busy modern day life but you must ensure you take a step back and breath. People nowadays are too sucked into modern society it takes over, by  exploring the country you are provided with time with yourself also your loved ones and you will become more appreciative of the value of life.take time out to leave your computer screens and mobile phones out of site to refresh your mind. Visiting rural places is my method of relieving from everyday stresses, also the exercises is perfect for our overall well being.


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